International Brennballtournament in Würzburg
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The tournamentAt another location than in former years, on the river Main meadow at the Mainaustraße, the 4th International Brennball- Tournament took place in rainy and cold weather. Nevertheless, the teams started to play and at last the weather became better in the afternoon. The spectators saw a thrilling tournament, the teams impressed by the high quality of the matches. Never before the outcome of the tournament was so uncertain. Especially in the semifinal of Die Beduinen against Würzburg Besserwisser were not many people, who after the first half believed, that the title holder would be able to reach the final (die Beduinen were in the lead by 44 against 18 points). But at last the two 1999 finalists reached the final again. The Würzburg Besserwisser and Vi slog Hagbard showed a gripping match to the public. Thanks to their outstanding performance on the fielding side - it's impressing, how fast they are able to bring the ball back - the Würzburg Besserwisser won once again. And to cap it all, they got the price for the best costumes, too.
First pictures of the tournament on the homepage of the Munich team Systembolaget!
WinnerWürzburg Besserwisser
2nd placeVi Slog Hagbard
3rd placeDie Beduinen
4th placeSunflowers
Further positions5th place: Segern är vår; 6th place: Wikinger; 7th place: Gräshopparna; 8th place: Systembolaget;
9th place: Schädelspalter; 10th place: Siebold 5.
Best CostumeWürzburg Besserwisser

Results of the group matches

Red groupWhite groupBlue group
1st Würzburg Besserwisser1st Vi slog Hagbard1st Segern är vår
2nd Sunflowers2nd Wikinger2nd Gräshopparna
3rd Die Schädelspalter3rd Systembolaget3rd Die Beduinen
Die Unverfänglichen*4th Siebold 5Pawlows Hunde*

Results of the games

TimeMatch Nr.Field Circus MaximusResultMatch Nr.Field Sports and more Am SteinResult
10.00 a.m.Red 1Würzburg Besserwisser / Die Unverfänglichen20:0 *Blue 1Segern är vår / Gräshopparna49:36
10.35 a.m.White 1Vi slog Hagbard / Systembolaget58:36Red 2Sunflowers / Die Schädelspalter50:19
11.10 a.m.Blue 2Die Beduinen / Pawlows Hunde20:0 *White 2Wikinger / Siebold 565:31
11.45 a.m.Red 3Würzburg Besserwisser / Sunflowers90:36Blue 3Segern är vår / Pawlows Hunde20:0 *
1.00 p.m.White 3Vi slog Hagbard / Wikinger65:37Red 4Die Unverfänglichen / Die Schädelspalter0:20 *
1.35 p.m.Blue 4Gräshopparna / Pawlows Hunde20:0 *White 4Systembolaget / Siebold 555:41
2.10 p.m.Red 5Würzburg Besserwisser / Die Schädelspalter52:16Blue 5Segern är vår / Die Beduinen59:40
2.45 p.m.White 5Vi slog Hagbard / Siebold 564:47Red 6Die Unverfänglichen / Sunflowers0:20 *
3.20 p.m.Blue 6Gräshopparna / Die Beduinen32:68White 6Systembolaget / Wikinger44:44
4.00 p.m.quarter final 1Würzburg Besserwisser / Systembolaget77:33quarter final 2Segern är vår / Sunflowers55:57
4.30 p.m.quarter final 3Die Beduinen / Wikinger47:41quarter final 4Vi slog Hagbard / Gräshopparna55:43
5.00 p.m.semi- final 1Würzburg Besserwisser / Die Beduinen69:50
5.30 p.m.semi- final 2Sunflowers / Vi slog Hagbard31:71
6.15 p.m.FinalWürzburg Besserwisser / Vi slog Hagbard78:50

* A team, which isn't ready to play in time, looses by 20:0 points.

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