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Rules for Brennball

2,5 kB, Brennball- Elch

Playing time2x12 minutes (note: when there is still time left, after the last ball has been played a very last batsman can be brought into action)Spielfeld
Glovesare not allowed
Points for the batting side1 point for every run;

6 points for a home run

Points for the fielding side1 point for a batsman who is out, he returns to the first field base.

1 point for every ball caught before hitting the ground (when the ball is valid).

5 points when no batsman is left over, plus the points for the batsmen still running. All batsmen return to the batting plate.

PlayersMaximum 10 per team, among them at least three of every sex. 8 on the field, among them at least two of every sex. Substitution after permission by the umpire only. Players are only allowed to take part in one team in a tournament.
Number of blowsMaximum two tries. Only one blow, if the first one is valid. A second try can be taken, when the first one was unvalid. At the beginning of every half time two batsmen are allowed to start running from the first field base without batting.
Unvalid blowWhen the ball was not hit. When the ball was hit over the head. When the ball hits the ground before the batting line. When the ball hits the ground outside the batting sector or was caught there. When the batsman does not have one foot on the batter's plate, while he is hitting the ball. When the hand is not in the loop of the bat.
Playing for time, dangerous or unfair playingFirst time: - warning; second time - 5 penalty points; third time - 10 penalty points; fourth time - disqualification, the opponent wins 20:0
Players who are outA batsman is out, if he a) starts running too early, b) takes a short cut or c) has not crossed the field base, after the ball has returned to the catcher (chest counts). He/she returns to the first field base. The next batsman can, but does not have to wait until this player has returned to the first field base. The next batsman has to continue, when he is told to do so by the umpire. If he does not follow the umpire's command, it will be considered as playing for time.
CatcherThe catcher has to stand on the catcher's plate, when the batsman is doing his blow. While the ball is in the game, he is allowed to move as much as he likes. When he gets the ball back, he has to have one part of his body on the catcher's plate and has to have the ball under his full comand (then he has to shout: "brennt").
Players of the fielding sideNo player of the fielding side is allowed to stay between the batting line and the batter's plate.
UmpireThe organisor of the tournament is responsible for the umpire and his assistents. Only his decision is valid. In group games the team which is not playing has to support the assistent when it is asked to do so by the umpire.
BatBats are provided by the organisator. Other bats are not allowed. Careless handling with the bat will be considered as dangerous playing.
DrawIn a qualifying contest games can end in a draw. The team with the most points on the batting side wins in its group. If they are the same, the winner will be decided by drawing lots.
ProtestA protest against a game should be made to the umpire directly after the end of the game. One player of each team has to follow the umpire to the secretary office.

These rules are the IKSU-rules, which are applied in the world championship.

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