2. International Brennball- Tournament in Würzburg July 4th, 1998 - Press

Volksblatt (Würzburg), Tuesday July 7th, 1998

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Vikings, moors, Besserwisser & Co. at the international Brennball-tournament at the old TGW-sports field. The swedish guests did not shrink back from travelling over 2500 km to be in Würzburg on this weekend.
Lots of fun with the Swedish sport
A pair of elk antlers for the Besserwisser

At the weekend an international Brennball-tournament took place in Würzburg for the second time.

Swedish people in viking costumes and moors in skirts made of raffia, young people having sunflowers in their hair or pointed caps on their heads - all this was to be seen on Saturday at the old TGW-sports field at the Sebastian-Kneip-Steg. The reason that moors came together with swedish people, that sunflowers met pointed caps was the fun of playing brennball. For the second time the "Schülerladen - Schülertreffpunkt e.V." and the brennball teams of Würzburg organized the tournament.
Mayor Dr. Bauer gave the starting signal. The team "Hagbard slår runt" had came from Sweden travelling over 2500 km. The tournament is, according to the organizer, the German Open of this swedish sport.
Eight teams were from Würzburg, which had humorous and self-ironical names like Besserwisser (a swedish nickname for the Germans), Besserschmitts, Sunflowers, Lions in the desert or Handycaps and Moors.

The names of the swedish teams were not less ingenious: they called themselves Norrlands Guld (gold of the northern land) and Älgjägarna (elk hunters).
The cup which was to be won was placed visibly on beer crates which had been piled up between the two fields. This year it was won by the title holder: Hagbard slår runt. The runner up, the Würzburg Besserwisser, was given a real pair of elk antlers.
The Swedish sport brennball (in swedish: brännboll) is a mixture between the German Brennball and the american baseball. In Sweden brennball is a very popular sport, actually, it is the national sport.
Magdalena from the Hagbard team told us that there are about 1000 teams in Umeå who play brennball. No wonder, as the championship in brennball takes place here every year. For the last three years even teams from Würzburg had taken part.
In Würzburg training is on every Sunday (5.30 p.m.) at the Mainwiesen. Even during winter, because "as it is a Swedish sport, there can't be bad weather" Ulrich Kraus says jokingly. The real good thing about playing brennball is that everyone can come around and take part immediately.

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