Winner of the 1st and 2nd international Brennball-tournament:

Hagbard slår runt

2,5 kB, Logo Brennball

"Hagbard slår runt", the team from Umeå (twin town of Würzburg), with their funny viking costumes managed to beat the best German team, the "Würzburg Besserwisser", for the second time in the final of the tournament.

In 1997 it was a clear victory (71:49), but in 1998 it was much more thrilling. Finally they won 63:60, just three points ahead - an extremely close result in brennball.

"Hagbard slår runt" is not just a very good team, they are, because of their ingenious costumes, very popular. We are very much looking forward to seeing them again in 1999 in Würzburg - they have to defend their title.

6 kB, HagbardHagbard slår runt 1998 are:Rickard Andersson
Caroline Blomstedt
Magdalena Blomstedt
Patrik Burvall
Anders Hellman
Ulf Henriksson
Andreas LidČn
Lars Nilsson
Erik Rosendahl
Karin Wadell
Patrick Öberg

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